Laura Lana Creative was established by Laura Lana to meet a growing demand for professional and tailored trend forecasting and design services.

Laura Lana’s love for fashion developed at an early age and she started designing ranges as soon as she realised she could draw.  She followed her dream into fashion and has been working in the industry for over ten years, aquiring her skills and experience with a range of labels, including boutique designers and major       Australian retailers.

Laura has combined her intrinsic understanding of fashion and natural sense of style, with a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, from design to production, in a wide range of consumer markets. This unique skill-set gives Laura an intimate understanding of fashion pressures and planning cycles, and enables her to offer highly-personalised services that suit the unique needs of Australian brands and their target markets.

Laura Lana is passionate about delivering design services that encourage, inspire and support a unique and truly Australian fashion identity.