Celebrating Women

Happy International Women's Day

My new do and the wonderful Andrea Formica

My new do and the wonderful Andrea Formica

I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by ambitious, talented women. Last year I posted about the generations before me. My mother and grandmother, two formidable women who inspire me every day. 

Staying within the gene pool, this year my inspiring woman is Andrea Formica; exceptionally talented hair stylist, mother of two, and owner of successful hair salon Gloss in the thriving country town of Dayelsford, Victoria. Andrea and I are cousins, both without sisters we formed a unique relationship which we can only explain by saying she’s “my person”. Young and not knowing where our creative personalities would lead us we grew up differently, matured at different times but we always stuck together. 

Here we are. Today, along with my nifty new haircut, we are celebrating International Women’s Day, together as always. Celebrating her talent, her creative flair and style, and above all her womanhood.

Cheers to all the women, inspiring other women everyday.


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